Civics Con is a virtual convention about civics, voting, elections, connecting with out neighbors, and building a better democracy.

This conference came together incredibly quickly, with just Andy Moore and myself working on it. We planned and organized it in a matter of weeks. I designed the branding and Nate Ward helped with buildout of the website and animated pieces. I also produced the conference live. I’m really excited about the years to come and the ways we’ll get to push the conversation towards issues like abolition, voter supression, and campaign reforms.

︎ I made a bunch of custom gradients to incorporate into the pieces.
︎ My favorite pieces of this were the collaged bits.
︎ These translated to the social media, website, and on-screen graphics during the conference as I incorporated the gradients.

︎ Nate Ward made the intro video with a custom theme!

Work done at Half Design with Nate Ward