OKC-SPAN is a twitter project by Marty Peercy—he live-tweets meetings for Oklahoma City and County. It’s a mix of journalism and editorializing with heavy snark that comes from personal proximity to these issues—Marty’s wife is JoBeth Hamon, OKC Councilor for Ward 6. Because of his connections, Peercy is able to offer extra insight into history and relationships between those involved. Residents of OKC consistently look to OKC-SPAN to know what’s happening in their local government, making it an invaluable resource. Marty also summarizes the meetings he attends into articles for OKC Free Press.

︎ The identity is heavily influenced by Peercy’s snark and love for comics, utilizing things often repeated by Peercy as the main content.

︎ The star comes from OKC’s official seal to give a sense of officiality to something that is decidedly not official.

Work done at Half Design