Quilt Class!!

*class is postponed due to the state of everything! I need a break!*

︎ starts July 10, class recordings will be sent out each week 

︎ 3–5:30pm CT Sundays (four weeks of class, July 10, 17, 24, 31)

︎ all you need to know is how to sew a line! not even a straight line!

︎ after you check out, you’ll get a link to sign up for the zoom and the supply list!
In this class, we will quilt without a pattern and without math!! *gasp* We’ll use improvisation, intuition, and play to compose unique shapes and patterns using foundational quilting blocks, taking lessons in fluidity and movement from a long line of improvisational quilters. We will learn some of the rich history of quilts, letting our ancestors inspire us to make things that are our own. We’ll learn all the basics of making a quilt, step by step, and everything you need to know to make your own! There is no wrong way to make a quilt!

This class is about breaking perfectionist tendencies! Embracing the radical lineage of quilts! Being soft and gentle! Improvising and exploring! Having fun! Just starting!

Things you will learn in this class:
︎︎︎ radical quilt history!
︎︎︎ piecing strategies for all sorts of shapes! 
︎︎︎ how to make things up as you go!
︎︎︎ applique!
︎︎︎ how to sew curves and circles!
︎︎︎ all the steps of making a quilt!
︎︎︎ binding and finishing a quilt!
︎︎︎ how to be a little more gentle with yourself!